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35 plus Ielts General reading practice test pdf 2023 with answers

IELTS General reading practice test PDF 2023 with Answer. A complete set of the latest exam for your practice. There are two types of IELTS reading, general and academic reading. But in this post, we will talk about only general reading practice tests.

IELTS General reading practice test PDF 2023 with answers

There are a total of 40 questions in the three sections of the IELTS General Reading exam. Each section should take you 20 minutes to complete. The whole test is divided into three main paragraphs with 13 to 14 questions in each section of the general reading test.

The paragraph is on different topics like advertising, work-related task or our daily life things, jobs description, hotel, newspaper, magazines, any disciplinary procedures, etc.  

General reading pdf 2023 test 

30 Ielts General reading practice test pdf 2023 with answers
30 Ielts General reading practice test pdf 2023 with answers

All these tests are based on Cambridge reading. All these tests are the same as the real test held by the British Council and IDP. so you don't worry about the authenticity. 

Tips to solve IELTS general reading question 

I got 9 bands in that section so I think I can suggest some things to keep in mind

1. Always read the questions first. Simply read the topic's title to get a general sense before reading the questions.

2.don't just read the question also try to understand. Read at least two times, they have a habit of twisting the question to look like they are asking something else.

3. Concentrate, you just have to ignore everything. Don't be scared if the exam is lengthy or the topic is boring. Just don't be, forget there is nothing like time. It's just you and the three topics.

 Once you have understood the question, look for the essential phrases in the para. Take your time. After carefully reading the paragraphs around the keywords, only type the response.

5. IELTS is just a test. Just treat it like a test, and nobody can dare to stop you from scoring good bands.

6. Practice daily at least one question paper. initially don't think about time, take your full time to understand questions and paragraphs, once you get use to locating the answer then you can also solve the reading with in given time.  

IELTS general reading practice test with answers pdf

Latest Ielts general reading pdf 2023 practice test. We bring Below you can download 30 general reading practice test pdf 2023 with answers. click below on given test pdf file will be open and download it. you can printout it or can take test online.

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