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Greenstar Drain Solutions Reading Anwers

Greenstar Drain Solutions IELTS Reading Answers

Greenstar Drain Solutions IELTS Reading Answers
Greenstar Drain Solutions Reading Anwers

A Greenstar Drain Solutions
We unblock drains, toilets, sinks, urinals, pipes, manholes
Prompt and reliable 24 hour service – no call-out charge
Call your local drain engineer on 01863 854 932

B Repair and Service
Don’t want to spend lots of money with branded servicing of your home appliance?
We will visit you to repair and service all makes of washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, tumble driers, fridge freezers, ovens

Same day service available

Calling in Sick

Everyone gets sick once in a while and we’ve issued these guidelines, so that you as an employee know what to do when this happens.

All our staff accrue paid sick leave (PSL) from their first day. You will be able to use your accrued PSL as paid time off:
• to deal with our own illness, injury or health conditions
• to take care of a family member (including domestic partners) with an illness, injury or medical appointment

Greenstar Drain Solutions Reading Answers

Answer Answer
1. D
2. E
3. B
4. A
5. C
6. E
7. C
8. NG
9. False
10. NG
11. True
12. False
13. True
14. False
15. (technical) knowledge
16. Consultations
17. Worldwide traders
18. Unexpected charges
19. (sales) executives
20. Dynamic
21. Refresher courses
22. (their) first day
23. (the) absence manager
24. (the) following weekend
25. (any) disabilities
26. 8 months
27. (any) (employment) tribunal
28. MW
29. JC
30. AD
31. SM
32. MB
33. JC
34. CW
35. JR
36. B, C, E, G
37. B, C, E, G
38. B, C, E, G
39. B, C, E, G
40. B

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