ielts academic reading practice test pdf 2023 with answer

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IELTS academic reading practice test 2023 pdf with answer 

IELTS academic reading practice test PDF 2023 with answers available now for you. IELTS reading is a crucial part of the exam. We bring 30 Latest IELTS academic reading and general reading sample questions and answers for you. As you are aware, the Reading module of the IELTS test is both crucial and challenging. IELTS reading is divided into two categories: academic reading and general reading.

IELTS academic reading passages comprise three sections with a total of 40 questions, which you must finish in 60 minutes.  IELTS academic reading practice test, so you'll have 60 Minutes to complete 40 questions. 

IELTS academic reading pdf 2023 

IELTS Academic reading pdf 2023 practice test, these tests are previous real exam tests and some of them are from Cambridge reading books. academic reading practice tests are very important for your practice, practice at least one test daily and check answers alongside. 

30 ielts academic reading practice test pdf 2023 with answer
30 IELTS academic reading practice test pdf 2023 with answer 

How many types of questions are in the IELTS reading 

1) Multiple-choice questions

You must select the right response from the list of options, which includes the letters ABC and D in capital letters, for these questions. Your capacity to comprehend specialized and in-depth knowledge is tested by these kinds of questions.

2) Information attribution issues 

You must determine if the information is accurate, false, or not provided in order to answer these questions. Your capacity to comprehend the text's meaning clearly will be put to the test by this sort of inquiry.

3. Information matching

These questions demand that you locate certain information and put it in the appropriate place. You must be able to comprehend each paragraph of the book and know what information it contains.

4) Head Matching

You must choose a heading from the list and insert it under each paragraph in order to answer these questions. Generally speaking, if you have read the information provided clearly, you will be able to create a header out of each paragraph.

5)  Sentence completion

An unfinished phrase can be found in questions of this nature. You must fill in the blanks with words from the text. To rapidly locate the right answer, you must swiftly map the incomplete text to a specific point in the text.

6) Summary completion

You will be given a portion of the material that is a synopsis. You must fill it up with words you choose from the text, up to a certain quantity of words.

7) Features matching

These are the kinds of questions where you have to look up particular details regarding pre-given traits and match them. For instance, you may be given the names of many individuals who made various discoveries at various points in time. Now you must match what was found when and by whom. Therefore, while matching, you must be very careful.

8) Matching sentence endings

This is a really straightforward query. You pick a line from the book and use it as part of a sentence. Here, all you need to do is figure out where it was borrowed from, finish the phrase, and you'll have the right response!

9) Short answer questions

Here, extreme caution is required! A response to this question must be based on the information provided in the text. Additionally, because there are restrictions, you must verify the word count. There is always a set maximum for word count.

10) Matching information

Just make sure you don't answer incorrectly. You only need to locate some provided information and insert it in the appropriate location.

Try these simple suggestions and expect exceptional achievement! We've highlighted the kind of questions you might anticipate on the IELTS reading assignment exam.

IELTS reading practice test pdf 2023 

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