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The Forgotten Forest ielts reading answer

 The Forgotten Forest ielts reading Answer

Found only in the Deep South of America, longleaf pine woodlands have dwindled to about 3 percent of their former range, but new efforts are under way to restore them.

THE BEAUTY AND THE BIODIVERSITY of the longleaf pine forest are well-kept secrets, even in its native South. Yet it is among the richest ecosystems in North America, rivaling tallgrass prairies and the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest in the number of species it shelters. And like those two other disappearing wildlife habitats, longleaf is also critically endangered.

In longleaf pine forests, trees grow widely scattered, creating an open, parklike environment, more like a savanna than a forest. The trees are not so dense as to block the sun. This openness creates a forest floor that is among the most diverse in the world, where plants such as many-flowered grass pinks, trumpet pitcher plants, Venus flytraps, lavender ladies and pineland bog-buttons grow. As many as 50 different species of wildflowers, shrubs, grasses and ferns have been cataloged in just a single square meter.

 The Forgotten Forest IELTS Reading Answer

1. Nest
2. Tortoises
3. Oaks
4. Native Americans
5. Prescribed burns
6. Shrubs
7. Soil
8. Ant
9. Eggs
10. True
11. False
12. NG
13. True
14. D
15. G
16. A
17. B
18. H
19. B
20. B
21. C
22. A
23. Poetics
24. Tragedy
25. landmarks(-stories)
26. flaw/weakness
27. iv
28. x
29. iii
30. vii
31. i
32. v
33. ix
34. linear
35. obstacle
36. acoustic
37. barchan
38. shape
39. tone
40. minerals

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